Lokians BeyondtheEndoftheWorld 200x300 dpi72
This is my upcoming release, Lokians: Book1 Beyond the End of the World, by me, Aaron Dennis. This is the first installment of the Lokians series. This particular Sci-Fi novel introduces the world around which the stories will be centered. Captain Riley O'Hara of Earth Navy leads a Special Operations team to survey the surface of a new planet called Eon. The Military has plans to settle this as the first Human colony based on a planet outside the Sol system. The survey reveals ancient alien beacons. First contact with a race of Aliens called "Thewls" is established. The Thewls inform the Humans that a second, hostile race of aliens called Lokians are attacking the galaxy. The Thewls join forces with O'Hara and crew in search of a third race of aliens simply called "Travelers". Together they take the fight to the Lokian home world in subspace.