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First novel,August 2012 Eternal Press

I'm modestly proud to mention that I now have over twenty books of short stories published, and a couple of them award winning. However, my first novel was published this month by Eternal Press in the USA, entitled, POINTS OF VIEW. It concerns a blind young Londoner who acquires nanotronic eyes with superhuman abilities. After training, he is appointed as assistant to an extrovert government secret agent. The action thereafter takes place in and around London and on our magical island of Tenerife.

Note: First reviews are glowing, and I'm part way into a first sequel, so I'm dreaming that my hero will do a Harry Potter for me..! -

Yes, today is my birthday so there's a free eBook, of any one of my titles, to anyone interested. Just select the title you want from the homepage display on my website and send it to me by eMail, saying which format you want, i.e. .pdf, .epub, or .mobi. (Kindle):

Put "Free eBook" as the Subject.

Okay... over to you!