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A community page for all forms of Speculative Fiction writing. I hope everyone finds their way here to help this page grow.

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My Ssci-Fi is titled "Warrior in Exile". At you can read an excerpt. It is about a space warrior who committed a crime on his home planet and is exiled to Earth. View my book page at for other books. - Etha

I'm looking for a general sharing of Speculative Fiction so long as it is in written form. Anything from a link to a novel, a post of a short story, an excerpt from a book someone is working on, to graphic novels, and just pictures in general. I'm hoping for a fun and free exchange of information. Anyone may post links to their own work so long as it pertains to Speculative/Sci-Fi genres. I started us off with a little about my upcoming release, Lokians: Book 1 Beyond the End of the World. Enjoy!

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Lokians: Book 1 Beyond the End of the World officially released August 1st. This science fiction action/thriller can be found just about anywhere; from Amazon to Manicreaders, Goodreads to Barnes and Nobles. Beyond the End of the World is published by Eternal Press. Visit for more information.